• Boys vs Girls

    Beautifully thought-through and thought-provoking piece about the way we talk to boys vs the way we talk to girls, and the effects of ... [ Read More ]

    Boys vs Girls
  • Catch a Friend Doing Something Cool

    Yesterday was Groundhog Day. Some groundhogs saw their shadows, which means 6 more weeks of winter. Here in NYC we're dredged in snow and ice: so 6 weeks sounds, if anything, ... [ Read More ]

    Catch a Friend Doing Something Cool
  • Unfriended for the Holidays

    What's worse than getting unfriended? How about getting unfriended just in time for the holidays? PenguinKids asked a bunch of authors for our #HolidayFails -- here they are, including mine ... [ Read More ]

    Unfriended for the Holidays
  • Unfriended

    In middle school, nothing is more important than friendship. When Truly is invited to sit at the Popular Table with the group she has dreamed of joining, she can hardly believe her luck. Everyone ... [ Read More ]


This Sunday!


This just in from Books of Wonder -- hope you'll join me there: Great Middle Grade Reads this Sunday @ Books of ... [ Read More ]


Unfriended Book Cover

In middle school, nothing is more important than friendship. When Truly is invited to sit at the Popular Table with the ... [ Read More ]

Please, Please, Please

Please, Please, Please Book Cover

Growing up is never easy. But when things get tough, you can always count on your best friends. CJ, Olivia, Morgan and ... [ Read More ]

Not That I Care

Not That I Care Cover

Zoe isn’t like her three best friends. She enjoys playing sports outside, doesn’t really care about clothes, and is a ... [ Read More ]

What Are Friends For?

What are Friends For Cover

Olivia is the 'brain' of the group and she's not afraid to speak her mind. So when the rest of her friends gush over ... [ Read More ]

Kiss Me Again


Kiss Me Again, the sequel to Rachel Vail's beloved contemporary teen romance If We Kiss, follows Charlie (Charlotte) ... [ Read More ]

If We Kiss


Charlie Collins has never been kissed. She’s never been in love, either. Charlie’s beautiful best friend, Tess, has ... [ Read More ]

Flabbersmashed About You


Readers first met Katie Honors in Rachel and Yumi's Sometimes I'm Bombaloo and Jibberwillies at Night. Now Katie is back ... [ Read More ]

Piggy Bunny


Most piglets want to be pigs when they grow up. Not Liam. He wants to be a bunny. Even if it takes a lot of practice to ... [ Read More ]



Everything is going to be fine . . . . Quinn Avery can handle change. It's just paint, right? Bright, blinding white ... [ Read More ]



She's looking good . . . but Allison Avery can't believe it. Growing up with beautiful, blond sisters, Allison has ... [ Read More ]



Phoebe Avery has always been a lucky girl. Popular, smart, and beautiful, Phoebe has it all. She's even planning the ... [ Read More ]

Never Mind!: A Twin Novel


For seventh grade, brainy Meg is attending ultra-competitive Fischer, while freewheeling Edward goes to an alternative ... [ Read More ]